Thanks everyone for an awesome BrewDay 2020!

Scotty's Meats

Scotty's Meats - One of Martinboroughs icons, produces more meat than one can handle. His lean and mean cuts rate highly in the Wellington region.

For BrewDay we will be serving

  • Venison Burger - Served with bacon, egg, and a tangy beetroot chutney.
  • Pork Belly Burger - Pork belly slow cooked in cider matched with slaw in a bun.
  • Bacon and Egg Burger - Served with cheesy avocado sauce.
  • The Great White - Pork sausage on a stick.

The Hungry Monkey

The Hungry Monkey is a family owned and operated food truck. It was founded with a heart full of passion for cooking, baking and all things food. Our offerings include traditional Malaysian street food and delicious meals spun into the modern age. We focus on quality and healthy food.

Our food is hand crafted. We reduced the use of refined sugar. Food is served using eco-friendly packaging and containers. All our meals are diary free except ice-cream. We provide gluten free and vegetarian and vegan options.

For BrewDay we will be serving

  • Bao Bun burger - Pork Belly and Tofu (V)
  • Beer Battered Curly Potato
  • Banana Fritters & Ice cream

Hot Like a Mexican

I cook from my heart, with Mexican passion and integrity. I make my own corn tortillas, everything is cook in house to achieve amazing Mexican flavors. I'm a Mexican from Mexico.

My food is Mild like a Kiwi, Medium like a Normal, or Hot like a Mexican cry baby.

For BrewDay we will be serving 

  • Amazing Quesadillas – Options: Vegan (no cheese) Vegetarian, Chicken, Beef, Melted Cheese, brown rice, beans & salad with salsa of your choice - Mild like a Kiwi. Medium like normal or Hot like a Mexican. Served with Fresh Guacamole - Sour cream

Tommo's Low 'n Slow BBQ

German themed special dishes that fuse with traditional style of barbecue and paired with Kereru beers for a one of a kind experience!

For BrewDay we will be serving

  • Smoked Pork Jowl - Rubbed in our Winter pork rub and drizzled with honey mustard sauce, served with crackling and an apple and fennel slaw
  • Bratwurst Bun - Smoked bratwurst in a bun with gruyere cheese, sauerkraut and a spicy wholegrain mustard.

Poseidon Beard Care & Godfather Barbers

Poseidon is a small team, located in Wellington, New Zealand - committed to creating premium products, and helping men keep their beards looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.

Poseidon beard grooming products are specially formulated to work perfectly on every beard length - from new stubble, to a fully grown out beard. Just apply a few drops of oil, or a small amount of balm each day to see and feel your beard transform from coarse, itchy and untamed to a glossy, luxurious and totally touchable man mane! The products have been developed using a blend of natural ingredients, and are specially formulated to keep skin and facial hair soft, moisturised and nourished while helping to reduce irritation, and providing hold to tame and shape your beard. You can choose from our range of nourishing beard oils, conditioning balms and moustache wax.

For BrewDay we are offering

Poseidon will be offering a range of all natural beardcare products. This range is made up of a range of scented beard oil, beard balm and moustache wax. We will also have our own brand of hand sanitiser available. We will also be a registration and judging spot for the beard (and mullet) competition.

Godfather Barbers: BrewDay attendees can expect most of what we offer in our shop ( minus a cut throat) - so, scissor cuts, clipper cuts, zero fades, beard styles, beard trims, moustache trims, kids cuts. 

We will also be selling our Godfather Tee's and hair pomades and hair products from Layrite and Uppercut Deluxe. 


Olde Beach Bakery

Visit us at the North End Brewery stand

We believe in Waikanae Beach, and so took the opportunity to beautify two main corners at Waikanae Beach; Long Beach Tavern and Olde Beach Bakery. We created a point of difference by using vertical integration in our businesses, from growing the produce for the beverages and food we serve in our Veggies Patches, to making products from scratch.

Wilson BBQ

Wilson Barbecue brings all your American Barbecue dreams to life - think brisket, ribs and pulled pork all cooked low ‘n slow in our 1900kg smoker! We will be teaming up with Double Vision Brewing at BrewDay to bring you beer and BBQ.



Makers of delicious Dutch Sweets, we've got your BrewDay treats covered! All Montfoort goods are made by us with proper ingredients, traditional methods and carefully crafted recipes.

For BrewDay we will be serving

  • Poffertjes (bite sized Dutch pancakes) with lashings of butter, powdered sugar and delicious homemade toppings.



Mobile food truck serving hotdogs, chips, roti wraps and more.


Boneface Brewing Kitchen

For BrewDay we will be selling:

  • Buffalo chilli loaded fries
  • Burger
  • Asian lamb ribs
  • Fries
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